Thursday, December 9, 2010

Why to Blog and Why Not

I love numbers. I am lazy. I have nothing to do. I don't know whether one should blog or not. So I made a list of pros/cons, rated them and here I am
6 points why you should not Blog
  • It takes you away from pen and paper. I don't remember when I last wrote in Hindi. I spend more than 80 hours a week on laptop. I don't know if it is bad but it is not good
  • It doesn't earn money. You are not going to be A- list blogger as soon as you start. No one is going to pay you to put their adds on your blog. At least not soon
  • You are bound to write by the rules of the blog platform.
  • Where to write? I have spent a crazy lot of time - Blogger, Open Diary, Dead Journal, Live Journal, Xanga, Typepad, Wordpress, Tumblr or Facebook Notes. For more comments from friends, you should obviously go for Facebook. For a more public blog, choose anyone. Every blog has some drawbacks. (I haven't tried all of 'em, So wont comment/criticize). I am pro-Google. So I chose Blogger :)
  • What to write? There have been books written on the subject. People have a whole lot of mad opinions about what to write and how to write. They tell you rules. They define you by your blog. What the heck!
  • It consumes time. You have better chores to do. Play, Go out, Draw, Meet people, Read, Cook, Dance, Gym, Study - Discover and Explore Life (sounds clich├ęd  but whatever)
6 points why you should Blog
  • You learn writing. Particularly those who can't write 3 lines in exam by themselves without using any mathematical expression. Writing is important. They say word > swords. They say a work is a waste if not expressed properly. I agree
  • Express Yourself. I have tried to keep diary (atleast 6 times, from class 5). Blog might be a better option
  • Share. I am not very much into tweeting or status update on Facebook. Besides I guess its a good platform to share as you learn/write
  • Connect. Gives you a possibility to find new friends
  • Public Opinion. Anonymity in comments can be useful when you want an unbiased opinion and have a large following
  • Travel, Literature, Videos, Photos, Technology, Art - Blogosphere is huge

I won't disclose my points distribution :). I hope the post encourages many new bloggers.


  1. ofcourse nahi. I googled a lot about blogging. But now that you point out it seems a lot has been written about this.

    There are several good points on :

    Some less relevant points on:

    Some more irrelevant points on: and

    Khair will try to bring more original stuff next time :)